Hello! Im Lewis Hine. Founder of children's charity A World with Friends I have uncontrolled epilepsy, had countless brain surgeries after a Brain Tumour and hydrocephalus. I now have 2 medical implants in my chest and brain that keep me alive. What does this mean?

It means i am ready for a challenge!!!

The world is full of superheroes who have a chronic illness or disability and feel forgotten about. Isolated by their illness but not anymore! Earlier this year I decided to do something I really can't do.. sing! Why? because I have met so many inspiring children and young people around the world who wanted to be a pop star before they became poorly. So why can't they still be one now?

This summer we wrote a song and worked with many amazing recording studios around the world including The Old Blacksmiths Studios in Portsmouth @britanniaroadstudio in Mexico University of Northampton, Sonic Ranch in Texas USA who donated their time to record children around the world singing our Charity Christmas Song.

Please watch the Video and also this is very important. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE SONG you can download it on all music platforms like itunes, Spotify, Youtube music, Apple music, Google play and more.

This is so important. We need thousands of downloads to get near the music charts. PLEASE PLEASE HELP US. We need your support to show the world that anything is possible if you work and and believe.

Brain Tumors, Cystic fibrosis, Autism, Vision loss, Down syndrome, Adrenal Insufficiency, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Epilepsy and so much more did not define us. We made new friends, laughed non stop, sung our hearts out and we all became pop stars!

Help us make a dream come true as Finally we are very excited to share it with you as I announce our bid for Christmas No.1 ! DOWNLOAD or BUY THE SONG now on all music platforms or make a donation at www.aworldwithfriends.com


'Merry Christmas With You'
A World With Friends

Become Christmas No.1.

THANK YOU ALL!!!! FROM LEWIS AND EVERYONE AT A WORLD WITH FRIENDS. #merrychristmaswithyou #aworldwithfriends

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Thank you all so much for your support with our Christmas song. We didn’t get no 1 this year but we did get biggest new entry to iTunes. Our highest position this week was 36 in chart and no.8 in iTunes Christmas chart which is incredible!!! We had no experience in the music world but we were determined to raise the awareness of the isolation and loneliness that comes with chronic illness and disability and we definitely did that! With your help and support all the young people in the song became pop stars, had an incredible journey which included support from Gary Barlow, KSI, Susanna Reid, Matt Terry, chloe sims from Towie, love island Chris Taylor and Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson. I went on sky TV and told the world our story. We proved that if you work hard and believe you can achieve anything. We couldn’t have done it without you. We may not have got the tradition Christmas no.1 but for us we felt like winners . Thank you for making the ‘A world with friends’ Christmas team dreams Come true and officially making them pop stars! You made this happen. Thank you!!! #merrychristmaswithyou.