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What do we do?

We arrange a variety of events for children.  So far we have held Christmas parties,

discos, wheelchair basketball, gaming sessions, soft play sessions and indoor skiing.

In 2017 we held the first ever Friend Finder Prom for chronically ill and disabled

young people at the Guildhall in Portsmouth. The event was such a huge success

that in 2018 we held three proms. In May 2019 we held our 3rd Prom at the Portsmouth Guildhall.​

We receive so many requests every day from/on behalf of young people all over the UK

and we are trying to reach as many of them as we can.  Unfortunately we are limited

by our ability to fund events.

Like a lot of charities we rely on donations from the public  We are a registered charity,

we do not employ staff and all of our volunteers work very hard to ensure that every

penny you donate is maximised!

Formerly known as Friend Finder Official

​Registered Charity No. 1175539

​​​​Everyone Needs a Friend!

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A World With Friends makes life better in so many ways; they encourage,
support, challenge and motivate us.

Chronically ill and disabled children miss time at school; this not only affects

their education, but also means they miss out on establishing friendships. 

Studies show that genuine friendships result in better health - something that

the children we help could definitely benefit from!   

Lewis Hine started Friend Finder now called A World With Friends as a 14 year old, who found himself

feeling lonely and isolated. Lewis discovered that there are over 1 million

children in the UK suffering from a long term illness or disability that require time

away from school.

Lewis decided that he would bring as many children as he could to  have fun

and make friends.